Medieval Manuscripts of Alfred

Students from Kate Dimitrova's Medieval Manuscripts class worked to present and exhibition in Scholes library to showcase their discoveries over the course of the block. "This exhibition is dedicated to the display of facsimiles of medieval manuscripts, along with recently created parchment samples by students of the scriptorium Alfred. Each of the display boxes gathers together miniature collections of related themes topics and historical events." Students: Nate Alexander Sam Calkins Taylor Convertino Morgan Croft Sarah Danielson Ashley Eberly Adrianna Enoch Anjalyn Fahy Emily Falzone Cara Greaney Leah Kaczanowicz Zoe Korunow Becky Marris Kelsey Mayo Alex Milne Owen Moon Sarah Pachkes Dylan

Dinner with Kate Dimitrova

It is a special tradition in Alfred for faculty and staff to invite students to their homes for dinner. These dinners are remembered by alumni as some of their most cherished memories of Alfred. To continue the tradition, Kate Dimitrova hosted a dinner for students on September 9th!

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