McInnes to give a talk at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, NY

Mary Mcinnes will be kicking off the second day of the 2017 Robert M. Minkoff Foundation Academic Symposium at UrbanGlass on Issues in Glass Pedagogy: “Curriculum and Career” in Brooklyn, NY in mid-October. Her talk emerges from her coursework at AU and her collaboration with studio faculty in the Division of Sculpture. The talk is entitled, “Critical Discourse, Professional Practice.” Below is an abstract: The need to expand and deepen art historical analysis in glass pedagogy can be combined with non-traditional research projects that afford students a practical guide to best practices. I will offer a sampling of lectures that engage contemporary issues and debates in glass art. Further, I

Summer report from Professor Hope Childers:

In summer 2017, I traveled to Utrecht, The Netherlands, to present a paper at the conference of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society. This year's conference theme was "Drinking and Drug Policies in History: Contextualizing Causes and Consequences." In my own paper, "Drugs on Display: Framing knowledge through exhibitions," I examined the use of museum and exhibition spaces by the Pharmaceutical Society in the early years after its founding in 1849, in London. The biennial ADHS conference is always a great event! It is the best place to hear really interesting papers on historical and contemporary topics that are often tricky to discuss: drugs in human history.

Summer Classes 2017 with Mary McInnes

This past summer, Mary McInnes taught two back-to-back summer courses: Contemporary Projects in Art and SILICA: Contemporary Glass and Ceramic Art. Contemporary Projects in Art is a global survey of recent art practices. For three weeks in May, students investigated critical issues in the contemporary art, rooting these projects in the shifting terrain of the 1960s and 70s when postmodernism and postcolonialism emerged. Lectured centered on a number of exhibitions and catalogs from museums and various art spaces that deal with aspects of avant-garde practice today, including the emergence of the international biennial. As part of this course, we had a special artist talk by Chase Angier, who

Visiting scholar Rachel Gotlieb to give a lecture on Ceramics in Victorian Literature and Paintings

Come and join us in Holmes Auditorium on Wednesday, September 27th at 7pm, on the Alfred University campus. We are excited to announce that the Randall International Chair for Art History, Rachel Gotlieb, will be giving a talk on the meanings and metaphors behind ceramics in Victorian Literature and Painting! All in the Alfred community are invited to attend. Gotlieb is Adjunct Curator at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, and is currently teaching courses in the School of Art and Design on design history and curatorial practices.

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