Readers for Makers

“Readers for Makers” I was recently commissioned to write an essay (“One Hundred Years Out”) for The Glass Reader. This publication is being edited by Jeffrey Sarmiento and Kevin Petrie (who are both makers and writers based at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland, UK) and it will be published by Bloomsbury in early 2020. I thought it timely to consider the benefits of a reader and also to review several readers that might be helpful to glass and ceramic artists. A “reader” is another term for an anthology; it is a book of selected writings on a particular subject or by a particular author. If compiled well, these volumes are especially useful in giving us an overview of a given and ke

Beyond Reflection: The Art of Li Hongwei

Beyond Reflection: The Art of Li Hongwei is a monograph for an emerging artist from China. Hongwei is a mixed-media sculptor and an alumni of Alfred University’s ceramic program. A multi-part installation of his is being installed this year at the Art Institute of Chicago. My essay, “Summoning Eternal Life,” is included in his new book. Below is the first paragraph of the text and corresponding image.. Enjoy! Li Hongwei provides us a work that we survey as a whole, traverse laterally across each element, and then we move in a zigzag course comparing one form against another. Their primary divergence lies in the material realm: each head is cast in its own material—bronze, stainless s

Kait Rhoads: Inspired by Nature and Informed by Memory

“Kait Rhoads: Inspired by Nature and Informed by Memory” will be published in the May issue of Neues Glass/New Glass. I wrote this essay to mark the artist’s solo exhibition in Belgium. Kait is a Seattle-based sculptor deeply influenced by marine life. Below is paragraph from this article along with an image of her work. Coral colonies and a host of other marine systems continue to inform the artist’s imagination, dictate her process, and guide Rhodes’ artwork. She interprets coral’s intricate physical structure (hexagonal tubes of calcium carbonate) and adapts their diversity of form. The species are alternately: rigid and soft; large and small; dense and lacelike. Coral visually sli

History of Modern Design trip to the Vignelli Center

On April 2nd, students in Meghen Jones's ARTH 300 course toured the exhibition spaces and saw archival documents in Rochester Institute of Technology's Vignelli Center for Design Studies. Thanks to archivist Jennifer Whitlock, the group studied Massimo and Lella Vignelli's iconic designs for the NY subway, American Airlines, Knoll, Sasaki ceramic tableware, and more. They also attended a lecture by former editor of Architectural Digest and other publications, Barbara Dixon.


ARTH 352/552 Contemporary Projects in Art, 4 credit hours Mary McInnes June 10 – June 28, 2019 Monday – Friday, 9-12:30pm – Plus two all-day field trips Location: Harder Hall 221A/ Ceramic Museum Seminar Room This course will investigate critical issues in the contemporary art world in a global, cultural context. We will root these recent projects in the shifting terrain of the 1960s and 70s when postmodernism and postcolonialism emerged. This course is a mix of lectures, field trips, discussions, presentations, and studio visits. Students will interview and conduct research on recent School of Art and Design alumni. This course fulfills the BFA or BS sophomore-level requirement (ARTH 211

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