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Exciting New Classes for Summer 2016

These classes can be taken at the same time and offer great opportunities to get off campus and enjoy the world of art first-hand!

Contact Cathleen Johnson, the Summer School Coordinator for more information:


(607) 871- 2412



ARTH 352/552

May 16- June 2

Monday- Thursday 1 pm-5:10 pm

4 credits ARTH (will count as sophomore requirement “Issues and Debates” or a 300- level class)

This course will investigate the central themes and critical issues in contemporary art. We will root these recent projects in the shifting terrain of the 1960s and 70s when postmodernism emerged. Lectures will center on a number of exhibitions and catalogs that deal with aspects of the global, avant-garde practice today. Students will also go on an all-day field trip to visit art collections and regional artist studios.



ARTH 300/500

June 6- June 22

Monday- Wednesday 1 pm- 5:10 pm

4 credits ARTH

This course is a material traverse of recent glass practices; we will view contemporary issues through a number of critical, curatorial, and historical lenses. A central component of this class will be the student’s participation in the annual Glass Art Society’s conference, “Creating Context: Glass in a New Light.” Students will go to a number of formats (lectures, panels, demonstrations, and lecture-demonstrations) and write up a series of reviews.

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