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Join Us In Celebrating 25 Years of Gerar Edizel at Alfred University!

The School of Art and Design is proud to announce that this month marks Dr. Edizel's 25th year at Alfred University.

Text from the 2016 commendation for Dr. Edizel’s twenty-five years of service:

Gerar Edizel, Professor of Art History, has devoted a quarter century of his professional life to the greater Alfred University community. Since he came to our campus in 1990, Gerar has proven to be one of the most valuable faculty members. His contributions in service and teaching have been exemplary.

Gerar has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills at the School and College levels. He chaired the Division of Art History for several terms, a demanding position in which he spearheaded a new major (the B.S. in Art History and Theory). Further, he has been a proven leader on several committees, including the Visiting Artists and Lectures Committee (where he wrote successful NEA grant applications to fund of artist residencies), and the College Faculty Council (where he helped steer the NYSCC during a difficult transition period). He has excelled in service to the campus and is now beginning to realize his full administrative potential as the Interim Dean of the School of Art and Design.

Gerar’s dedication to teaching is outstanding. His many teaching awards attest to his success at getting students engaged in art theory and practice. His curricular span, ranging from introductory courses to graduate seminars, reflects an extraordinary versatility. Gerar has introduced many new courses to the campus, notably the sophomore “Contemporary Issues and Debates” and his classes in new media. He has taught all with passion and his success is resounding. In the past quarter century, Gerar has taught thousands of art students. They have benefitted from his wit and energy, his analysis and insight. These students have been his chief focus and it is appropriate that the last word should go to one of our alumni:

"Gerar was undoubtedly responsible for my intellectual

awakening and the sense of responsibility that I have

as an artist in the endeavors I undertake. The

powerful exchange of ideas that Gerar would foster

became as essential to my artistic expression as the

medium itself."

(Chad Latz, AU’93)


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