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Study Session at the Johnson Museum

On November 17, 2016, graduate students and undergraduates in the ARTH 400/500 Ceramic Art, Craft and Design: Global Flows seminar, led by Assistant Professor of Art History Meghen Jones, travelled to the Johnson Museum of Cornell University to see exhibitions and study ceramics from the museum's renowned collection. Objects ranged from Song dynasty tea bowls to a platter painted by Pablo Picasso. Looking closely and handling the objects led to insights involving scale, surfaces, firing methods, repairs, and treatment of feet. Thanks goes to Chief Curator and Curator of Asian Art Dr. Ellen Avril for coordinating this session, the third time students in Dr. Jones's art history courses have had the opportunity to directly study significant examples of global ceramics and craft history as well as view encyclopedic exhibitions of six millennia of world art in Ithaca.

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