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Two new exhibitions coming this Fall!

Our Theodore Randall International Chair, Rachel Gotlieb, will be opening two exhibitions she curated this fall. Golieb is a ceramic, craft, and design historian, with extensive experience in curating ceramic and design exhibitions. The first show, True Nordic: How Scandinavian Changed Canadian Design, opens at the Vancouver, Canada Art Gallery on October 13th. True Nordic influence on the use of materials and how Canadian designers and artists have adapted them for project use. This show is full of both history of Nordic aesthetic and Canadian design.

Come support Rachel along with renowned Canadian artist, Steven Heinemann: Culture Nature, opening at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto on October 17th. Heinemann is known for his advancements in Canadian ceramics by experimenting with techniques, processes, materials, textures, and pigments. Heinemann's show focuses on the paradox separating interior and exterior, deliberation and chance, and culture and nature. All that are interested are welcome!

More Information included in the links below:

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