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An exhibition of ancient and medieval art is currently on display at Scholes Library:

“Loose Change - 2000-year old Portraits and Logos” (Ancient Roman Coinage) and

“Marginal Book Art - Before Paper, Before the Printing Press, and Before the Computer”

(Detached Medieval Manuscript Folios).

The exhibition was curated by Emeritus/Visiting Professor Donald Royce-Roll, from work in his private collection, for students his Greek/Roman and Medieval classes.

The coins and manuscripts are being displayed without labels, which becomes the basis for student term papers. Their goal is to furnish provenance, and create museum labels for the exhibited work. Students will provide evidence, both visual and textual, that identifies each piece to reveal its origin.

For example: Marginal Book Art…What type of book? When was it written? What kind of handwriting is it? In what country and date was it produced?

Or for Loose Change…Under what emperor was the coin in use? When was it struck? What biography is given in the legends? What significance does the reverse image hold?

Answers to these and other questions will be available from their research when labels appear in the exhibition cases in late April.

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