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Expanded Cinema Course Research and Reenactments

Students in ARTH 493/593 reenacted Expanded Cinema performances from the 1960s and 1970s as a form of embodied research. Via these reenactment students were able to investigate and document the processes and materials artists used to create the original artworks that are not revealed in photo and video documentation from the era.

Videos and stills credits:

1. Reenactment Video 1 - Ernst Schmidt’s Hells Angels (1968), reenacted by Erin Hoffman

2. Reenactment Video 2 - Valie Export’s auf + ab + an + zu [up + down + on + off] (1968), reenacted by Leslie Rollins

3. Reenactment Video 3 - Tony Hill’s Point Source (1973), reenacted by Qinxuan Zhang

4. Reenactment Video 4 – Liss Rhods, Light Music (1975), reenacted by Gongzhuo Wang

5. Reenactment Still 5 - Alan Berliner’s CINE-MATRIX (1978-1979), reenacted by Abigail Smith

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