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Spring 2020 courses

Much is in store for the spring in Alfred Art History. 100-level classes present opportunities for 7-week study of a range of topics, from Islamic and Buddhist arts to Modern Sculpture and Global Video & Performance. New is Dr. James Hansen's course ARTH 300 Global Contemporary Art Since 1989, which will consider why "global" and "contemporary" have emerged as key terms, and what demands this places on local/regional artistic practices as well as art audiences. This course satisfies the university's GP requirement. Also new is Dr. Jennifer Lyons's ARTH 300 Gender and Identity in Medieval and Renaissance Art, which will consider the representation of female and male bodies in the visual arts, the construction of ideal beauty, the male and female gaze, issues facing female artists, and more. This course is cross-listed with Women's and Gender Studies. To register for these courses and more, see

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