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Meghen Jones publishes new essay

Associate Professor of Art History Meghen Jones's essay "National Treasure Tea Bowls as Cultural Icons in Modern Japan" was recently published in the Amsterdam University Press book The Construction and Dynamics of Cultural Icons, edited by Erica van Boven and Marieke Winkler. In it, Jones analyzes the eight Chinese, Korean, and Japanese tea bowls designated National Treasures in 1950s Japan in terms of how they manifest the idealized aesthetics of the Japanese tea ceremony, reinforce power structures, and inspire contemporary potters to reproduce them. The book is part of the Press's Heritage and Memory Studies series that examines transnational and interdisciplinary approaches to the politics of heritage and the dynamics of memory. It evolved from the 2018 conference, "The Icon as Cultural Model: Past, Present and Future," organized by Winkler at the Open University of the Netherlands; support for Jones to present at this conference was provided by the Dean's office and the Division of Art History.

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