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LACMA Lecture by Meghen Jones

On December 5, Associate Professor Meghen Jones will deliver the 34th Annual Michele and Peter Berton Memorial Lecture on Japanese Art at LACMA, entitled "Rebellion and Reverberation in Japanese Ceramic Art Since the 1960s."

Japan has often been described as a paradise for potters. Within its dynamic environment of ceramics discourse, many contemporary artists have challenged existing norms, identified with counter-cultural values, and sought international dialogue. This lecture will survey pivotal breakthroughs in Japanese ceramic art from the 1960s to today. From Pop art-influenced vessels and “clay work” sculpture to kōgei tied to the “logic of craft,” an array of recent work will be discussed. Blurring the distinction between tradition and the avant-garde, these objects reverberate with both the past and the global present.

Full info, including registration, available at

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