Meghen Jones presents at KCUA online symposium

On November 29, 2020, Associate Professor Meghen Jones presented at an online symposium organized by the Kyoto City University of Arts (KCUA) Professor of Ceramics Morino Akito. The symposium considered the significance of Tomimoto Kenkichi’s 1952 book for his students at KCUA, Waga tōki tsukuri (My ceramics making) in light of the 2019 publication of it, edited by Morino and Maezaki Shinya, and two recent articles on it published in the KCUA Archival Research Center Bulletin Compost. Dr. Jones’s presentation considered Tomimoto’s book in light of transnational modernist ceramic art education concepts—comparing it to, for example, Alfred Professor Daniel Rhodes’s influential 1957 book, Clay and Glazes for the Potter.

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